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Ili O' Polynesia

2132 E 3450 N

Layton, UT 84040

Phone: 801-444-3296



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Welcome to Ili O'Polynesia!

The Heart of the Islands

Ili O' Polynesia is the premier Polynesian dance studio in Utah. We teach authentic dances from the islands of Hawaii, New Zealand (Maori), Fiji, Tahiti, and Samoa, including fire knife. Our team of highly skilled teachers instruct different class levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and we currently enroll more than 60 haumana (students), starting from the age of 3 years old. Along with teaching, Ili O' Polynesia also has a dance troupe that performs at luaus and


parties, and participates in annual grand recitals in various cities of Davis county each summer. Our dance troupe has been entertaining audiences for more than 12 years, and their energetic performances will be a fabulous addition to your next event.

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Malia Iliganoa Mislang-Darden is the head instructor and director of the Ili O' Polynesia Dance Studio, and has instructed dance for more than 25 years. She named her studio in loving memory of her mother, Iliganoa, who is from the island of American Samoa and is her inspiration in everything she does. Ili O' Polynesia initially started as a business based out of the Sea Life Park located on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii, but when Malia moved to Utah she decided to open a studio in Layton, and 11 years later is still passing on the tradition of Polynesian dance.

Ili O' Polynesia's primary objective and purpose is to maintain the foundation of Polynesian dance. We also strive to preserve and enhance the Polynesian culture and its people by perpetuating Polynesian dance and educating others of the Polynesian culture through dance instruction, music, arts and craft workshops, performances, and, most importantly, through the Aloha spirit.